R.B. Winter State Park (PA)

We woke up and rolled out pretty early. We had about three to four hours of driving ahead of us because we wanted to knock out some miles and get closer to Virginia. We ended up at this gorgeous state park in Pennsylvania Amish country. Named R. B. Winter, it is located up in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and the drive in was spectacular. Beautiful fields of wheat, old barns, even older farmhouses, and hints of the Amish lifestyle everywhere you looked. It was just gorgeous and Val took many photos out of her window.

After we arrived and grabbed our site (which was very tight, we are the only motorhome in the entire campground tonight) we went down to the lake where there is a beach and some trails. It is packed here since it is almost July 4th and people were swimming and grilling all types of food throughout the park. It looks and feels like a July 4th holiday should, and it is great to be here. We enjoyed the beach, the playground, and then went on a hike that we thought would be pretty easy but ended up being straight up a mountainside. It was brutally steep and we had to sit and catch our breath when we got to the top. Part of the problem was that Brooks was unable (or unwilling) to walk up any of it, so we carried his chubby body all the way up the side of the mountain. We finally finished the hike and relaxed, grilling some chicken and watching Hayes and Brooks play with some of the other kids that are staying here in the campground. It is a lot of fun watching then run and laugh, they make friends so easily at this age.

We put them to bed and then Val and I relaxed outside for a while. It was a beautiful evening, kind of cool with the smell of campfires drifting through the air and the moon lighting up the trees. I love the Appalachian Mountains; they are one of my favorite places in the world. The nice thing is that we will probably camp in them the whole way back to Georgia; they are kind of leading us home.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.


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