Croft State Park

Rolling south out of Virginia into North Carolina, things started to feel familiar. The heat and humidity returned, the landscape and flora looked similar to Georgia, and we knew we were on the home stretch. One last campsite stood between us and our home in Athens.

We pulled into Croft State Park a bit after lunch, grabbing a spot on the lake and setting up Marty for one last stop on this epic journey. Hayes checked out the playground while Brooks took a nap, and then we went down to the lake to throw some rocks and check out the trails that run along the shore. Mostly, we relaxed on our final day. Val packed up some stuff to make it easier to unload once we were home, and we had a hodgepodge of food for dinner, emptying what we could from the fridge and freezer. It was hard to believe that the trip was coming to an end, and it was kind of bittersweet. We were looking forward to the creature comforts of home, but also knew that the “real world” was about to return and our constant exploration and adventure was about to wrap up.

It was pretty warm out, with a fair amount of humidity that is typical of the South in the summer. It stood in stark contrast to the cold temperatures that had us bundled in jackets up in Canada.


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