Perdido Key and a Tour of Marty

After getting Marty all fixed up and putting him on a storage lot for the week, we moved into our condo on Perdido Key. We go here every year to get together with family and relax on the beach. It is always a great time, but this year was particularly nice because the beach and water were absolutely pristine. The water was so spectacularly clear that you could see all kinds of fish, marine animals, and shells. We spent a lot of time on the beach and out in the surf, enjoying every moment. We ate some great food, had a lot of fun with family, and relaxed a lot before our trip. We always refer to this week as our “relaxing vacation” and then our ensuing Marty trip as our “adventure vacation” because the two are quite different. One is spent laying around on the beach and drinking beer and mixed drinks while the other is spent exploring new places and solving all kinds of problems that arise during our travels. So, our relaxing vacation is now over and it was tons of fun, so it’s time for the adventure to begin!

By the way, if you haven’t seen what it is like inside a motorhome, then take a look at this video below. We filmed it almost exactly a year ago, and since then Val has painted more of the interior and decorated it a fair bit more so it looks really nice, but the layout and amenities are the same. Traveling inside a house on wheels is a lot of fun and provides some wonderful conveniences, but the gas this year will be pretty steep! We will offset it as much as possible by cooking our own meals and staying in state parks, which are typically pretty cheap.


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