Brunswick (GA)

Back in Georgia again, but only briefly. This was a long day, and generally we try to avoid more than 4-5 hours of driving per leg of the trip, but we wanted to get to the East coast and start making progress towards Maine and Nova Scotia. We picked up Marty the night before we left and brought it to the condo to pack everything and get organized for the next 30-40 days on the road. The next morning we were up and on the road, slowly making progress across Florida until we got to Jacksonville, then north to Brunswick.

We ended up staying at Blythe Island Campground, which is a really nice county park right on the water. We had full hookups (this means we had 50 amps of electricity so we could run both air conditioners as well as other appliances at the same time, plus unlimited water, plus sewer for draining all water that we use instead of holding it in our tanks to drain later) so we were able to do some laundry and takes some nice long showers. I actually wasn’t planning on making a post for this stop since we got in at 5:00 PM and left pretty early the next day, but it was such a neat campground that I figured I should post some photos. Why was it interesting? Beautiful natural surroundings, a great water view with a really nice breeze, and tons of bunnies hopping all over the place. The kids, of course, loved the water and the bunnies. There were fiddler crabs everywhere, and this was the first time the boys had seen these little creatures so they were very intrigued by them. And the bunnies were extremely friendly, hopping right up to an outstretched hand. This was a formula for excitement and we spent time walking around, enjoying the beauty of the area, and watching the boys chase the bunnies. It was a brief stop, but a memorable one for sure!

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