Kinston (NC)

We rolled out of Huntington Beach early in the morning, wanting to make some time and get through Myrtle Beach before the traffic got heavy. I’m glad we did, because we rolled into our camping spot by lunch. Today was basically a stopover day, meaning we had a location we were wanting to get to, but it was too far to drive in one day, so we needed a place to stay along the way. Originally we were going to stay along the coast and check out Wilmington, but there were no campgrounds that could either 1) fit our motorhome or 2) had decent reviews and would be somewhere we wanted to stay. So we headed inland a bit and stayed at the Neuseway Nature Park, which is a nature center and campground across the river from the downtown area. It was a hidden gem and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We got a full service campsite on the river for $15, there was hardly anyone else staying at the campground, and just across a grassy field was a nature center, planetarium, massive playground, and a small train for the kids to ride on.

We spent several hours exploring all of these things and the kids absolutely loved it. Afterwards, we walked downtown and got the kids some ice cream before heading over to Mother Earthy Brewery, which is a really cool craft brewery that sits right in the middle of the downtown area. After enjoying a beer, we headed to the “dragon playground” which is also downtown and features a massive dragon for the kids to climb up and slide down. Of course, they loved it. Finally, it was time to walk back to Marty, but not before the boys once again played on the huge playground in the nature center parking lot. We cooked some dinner, did some laundry, and relaxed a bit as I psyched myself up for the coming day. I knew we were going to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but I had no idea how massive and how narrow it was until I looked at some sites online. I should have never done that! It’s the equivalent of Googling your cold symptoms and being told you have some deadly disease. But New England awaits and so it was time to get on the road and cross that massive bridge!

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post…they are all snapshots from my iPhone. On this day we didn’t really go anywhere that interested me photographically.


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