Trap Pond State Park (DE)

We woke up pretty early and headed over to the repair facility which was about 20 miles from Kiptopeke campground. They are used to working on 18-wheelers and were confident they could get the seal fixed, so we left Marty and headed over to Cape Charles for an excellent breakfast at the coffeehouse. After that, we went to the park and let the kids enjoy the playground. Finally, we drove around and explored for a bit before returning to the repair shop. Things looked good and they had Marty all put back together. They said the last seal had been installed incorrectly and had gotten pretty mangled when it was hammered into place. Happy to have it fixed and be on the road again, we hooked up the CR-V and headed north to our next campground.

It was only a 2 hour drive today and it was really easy going. The peninsula is flat, well-paved, and beautiful, so it was a really nice and easy drive for us. We listened to a podcast and rolled in to Trap Pond State Park in Delaware just after lunch. We were going to spend the weekend here because it is honestly really hard to grab weekend camping spots on the fly, which is typically how we travel. We were fortunate to score a last-minute spot right on the water, and it was a a huge and private one. However, when I got out of Marty and looked underneath at that problematic wheel, I once again saw oil dripping all over the rim. Hard to believe the seal had once again failed, and it was a gutshot to say the least. My brain is kind of strange because when a problem presents itself, I go into overdrive until I can solve it. Val will attest that it is a good and bad quality, because when I am trying to figure things out, I am pretty unresponsive to the rest of the world. After poking around online, I decided to order two (just in case) official seals (that were designed for this motorhome) to a well-reviewed repair facility in Boston. They will be overnighted from California and will arrive there soon after we get to our campground in Salem, just north of Boston. To get to Boston, I will have to pull over every 100 miles or so and add more oil to the wheel hub so it doesn’t overheat. This was the solution I came up with, and I sure hope it solves the problem because this simple rubber seal is causing all kinds of problems for us, and it shouldn’t be so complicated.

After I had this figured out, I could relax and enjoy our time at the park. It is a simply beautiful place, with a gorgeous pond (really more of a lake because it is so big) and old cypress trees that line the shores. We spent two days here and never left the premises, even to grab groceries. It was like a little vacation inside of our vacation, and we had a wonderful time. We kayaked all over the pond (we have a 2-person inflatable that will fit all 4 of us), Hayes caught his first fish ever, we listened to a bluegrass concert, made some smores, grilled some more fresh oysters, laid in the hammock, rode bikes all over the place, and had a very relaxing time. It was just what we needed before dealing with the craziness of Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston, while also limping Marty’s leaking seal all the way up to Boston. The two fantastic days at Trap Pond are a perfect example of why trips like this are so fun, and so worth it, even with the headaches of repairs and difficult driving conditions.

Next up: Boston!

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