Boston (MA)

We really liked Boston. And we really liked Salem as well. I think if we had to move up here, we would actually prefer to live in Salem due to the slower pace, great selection of restaurants, and beautiful coastline.

We woke up pretty early and I walked back in to Wal-Mart to buy some cream for our coffee, then we rolled out relatively early in the morning. Leaving out of Danbury, it was a pretty easy drive into Boston and then to Salem (which lies on a bay north of Boston). I stopped twice to refill the hub oil and protect the very $$$ bearing that sits inside of it. For those that aren’t aware, some motorhomes (like ours) are pretty similar to 18-wheelers in their design. This means that our wheels have bearings in them that are sealed with an oil bath. The spinning bearing is covered in oil which helps with friction and heat. This is great unless the oil is leaking out, which means the bearing loses its protection and can seize up. If it completely seizes, the wheel will come off, which is why many of you have seen those videos of a random truck tire bouncing down the interstate or into a gas station. This generally happens because the 18-wheeler had a seal that leaked all of the oil out, the bearing started smoking, the driver never noticed, and eventually it failed catastrophically. Fortunately we were never close to that scenario because I try to keep an eye on everything and noticed the oil leaking well before it was empty.

We finally pulled into our next campground in Salem just after lunch. We stayed in the Winter Island County Campground, which isn’t terribly fancy but it is right on the water and is very convenient for accessing Boston. We had a beautiful location to relax in, and we could take either the train or the ferry into the city with relative ease. After we got set up at our site, Brooks took a quick nap and then we hopped onto the train into Boston to grab some dinner. We walked all over the North End, ate some pizza, drank some beer, bought some excellent canolis, and took a lot of photos. We were going to have another meal before heading back but my phone had an alert pop up for severe thunderstorms, so we walked back to the train station and headed back to Salem. It rained some, but it wasn’t too bad.

The next morning we slept in, then took the ferry into the city. What a cool way to enter Boston…we passed by some spectacular homes, some tiny islands with houses and no roads (only accessible by boat), Logan International airport (the boys loved watching the planes pass directly over our heads) and then into the Boston Harbor. We caught the subway out to Harvard, explored the campus and Cambridge, ate some lunch (my first of many lobster rolls), and then began working our way back into Boston. We ended up in Boston Commons, then took the Freedom Trail (bricks that take you to several important historical locations throughout the city) to see things such as Paul Revere’s grave, the old city hall, and many other important historical sites. If you love history, then you will love Boston. We ended up back at the ferry and took it back to Salem where we picked up some great Italian food and ate it right on the harbor next to Marty. What a view it was, and the temps were perfect. Probably mid-70s with no humidity. One other really interesting about Winter Island is that it was settled in the 1620s and is the location of Fort Pickering, which was used in Queen Anne’s War, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. Amazingly, the seaport in Salem was so heavily trafficked that Salem became the 6th largest city in the world in 1790. There is also a light house here that was built in 1871 and still functions to this day. While the campground itself was not fancy at all, this location was really beautiful and we loved relaxing on the shore every evening after exploring Boston.

One thing that we found really interesting is the lack of bugs in Boston and Salem. We had no mosquitos or flies the entire time, which is in start contrast with almost every other location we have visited thus far. Not sure why, but it was really nice.

We went to bed late, which is pretty common when we do trips like this. Normally the kids are in bed every single night around 8:00 or 8:15. But when we do trips in Marty, that usually changes to 9:00 or 9:30 because we are so very busy every single day. It is pretty amazing how fast each day goes by and how much we do. What is hard to get used to is how early the sun rises….lately it has been before 5:00 AM every day, which is pretty wild.

Tomorrow we will pack up, head to get that same seal repaired for the third time, and then make our way to Maine! We can’t wait to get up there, and we will REALLY be happy if we can do it without any more leaks!

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