Belfast (ME)

We still have quite a bit more time on the coast, but we wanted to relax and really enjoy the scenery up here, so we splurged on an oceanfront campsite just up the road from our last one. Located just outside of Belfast, our campground was a pretty small one that was full of really high end motorhomes. We had no shame in rolling past some of these $500,000 palaces and grabbing our reserved spot right on the water. It was time to slow down just a bit and just soak in the beauty of the Maine coast. We spent the vast majority of these two days at our campsite and on the beach we overlook. The beach is very rocky and has a ton of nice, flat ones that are perfect for skipping. Hayes and I skipped hundreds of rocks over these two days, and Brooks tried his best to get some to skip as well.

The town of Belfast is really nice, it is small, quaint, but has plenty of restaurants and stores. We walked around, got some new flip-flops for Hayes (he has already broken two of them this summer) and enjoyed the beautiful setting. On our last night, we went to eat dinner at Young’s Lobster Pound, which is a lobster shack right down on the water. It is exactly how you would picture one to be, as it is on the dock and there are just a bunch of picnic tables for people to sit down and dine. It is BYOB, and you can tell that it is a favorite location for the locals. Some people had full spreads laid out, with multiple bottles of wine, martinis, cheese and crackers, and nice napkins. Of course the lobsters come out on paper plates so this is far from a fine dining establishment, but it was a really cool place and I had an excellent lobster…about as fresh as it can ever get. Next up we head up the coast another hour or so to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park!

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