Holyoke, MA

Heading south out of Portland, we found ourselves on familiar interstates as we rolled down through New Hampshire into the Boston metro area. Not too much later and we arrived at our friend John’s house in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Situated near several mountains with a beautiful river running through it, Holyoke is one of several towns in central Massachusetts that are very close together, with several universities nearby (including Amherst and UMass). It was awesome to see John again and meet his wife Dot as well as their two adorable kids. They live in a beautiful house that sits on lots of acreage, right in the middle of town. The house has a ton of history, as do many of the other buildings on the property. We explored the place and John gave us a background about the house and the town of Holyoke. Most of the time we relaxed, ate some pizza, drank some good local craft beer, and caught up on things. In fact I don’t have a ton of photos to add here because we were too busy talking for me to get into photography mode. Val and I went to the University of Tennessee with John and we all had a lot of fun in Knoxville, so it was great to hang out again. Due to the spaciousness of his property, it was super easy to just pull Marty in and camp right in his driveway. Also convenient was a front had just passed through, bringing cool temperatures and a nice breeze that felt fantastic. We spent a lot of time outside, playing in the grass and enjoying the low humidity. Back when we first started planning our trip we knew that we wanted to stop in and see John, and I am really glad it all worked out. It was great hanging out and catching up, and it also provided a perfect stopover as we began the transition from New England back towards the southern U.S. The next morning we would roll out towards the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania!

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